Admission Procedure

 Thank you for considering The New School Dhaka ( NSD ) for your childs education. Admission at NSD is subject to availability of seats in the class concerned. An entrance examination is arranged after a meeting with the child and its parents. The entrance exam is a two-part test embracing English writing skills and basic math skills. Test papers are immediately marked and the results given. Parents can see for themselves the childs performance in the admission test. Qualified childs parents are then asked to collect an admission form from School Office.

The completed admission form is to be submitted to the School Office along with the relevant fees on or before a given date.
The documents needed for admission are as follows.
1. Birth Certificate of the child
2. 3 copies of passport size photographs of the child
3. 2 copies of passport size photographs of each of the parents
4. 2 copies of passport size photographs of a third person entitled to collect the child
5. Copy of the latest report card (except for Play Group)
6. Parents Business Cards (optional)
7. Reference (optional)
Admission in AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A2 (International Advanced Level) is taken on the basis of IGCSE results/completion and the meeting with the parents and the child.
Acceptance to NSD is granted to qualified students without regard to race, colour, religion or national origin.
Admission Office Timing 
Saturday to Thursday 


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